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A brief explanation of ACS, OnDemand, and the included modules. (quoted from ACS Technologies material)

ACS is the premier software solution for churches and other faith-based organizations. With 30 years of experience, ACS has a proven track record in churches, parishes, synagogues, and other faith-based organizations of all sizes. More than 20 modules and utilities form the building blocks of the ACS People Suite, ACS Financial Suite, and companion products.

The People module is at the heart of your church office program. It provides a complete and versatile record of important information about each member and family. Records can also be kept on prospective members and friends. The People module includes a comprehensive method of cross-referencing and searching, plus report printing.


The ACS Checkpoint module is designed to provide you with a means of monitoring the individuals in your organization to enhance safety and security through a variety of tracking and reporting options.

The ACS Checkpoint module can effectively assist you with your record keeping by maintaining an updated register of individuals as they arrive for an event or activity and again as they leave. In this way, the Checkpoint module can provide your organization with the assurance that you can identify and confirm the location of your individuals in the case of an emergency.

Connections is a multi-functional module that you can use when making all types of contacts. Here are some examples of how you might use the Connections module.

  • Outreach program — Track visitors to your organization. You can note what services and/or activities they attend as well as tracking your outward contacts with them.
  • Small group additions — Your organization has decided that before a person can join a small group, the small group leader must contact the individual to make sure they are a good fit for that particular group. You assign the contact to be made and record the responses after the meeting takes place.
  • Mentoring program — You have specific leadership needs and have set up a mentoring program where proven leaders work with volunteers to help them develop in targeted areas of your organization.


ACS Client Portal - Direct link to download the ACS OnDemand software. The OnDemand sofware gives us access to all the specific modules we've signed up for (eg. People, Checkpoint, Connections...), without the need to install each module on every computer we want to use. As we add or remove modules from the conference account, OnDemand updates automatically, keeping us up to date with the modules we currently use.

Expect things to change here as we post help documents, and get video file sizes lower.



How-to video for downloading and installing the ACS OnDemand software

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 For help with ACS please contact the Oregon Conference IT department or the Events & Catering department.