Gladstone Park Conference Center

Camp Site Information
All information on this page is subject to change without notice.

Camp Site Weekly Prices
The weekly rates below are for the five days of Camp Meeting but also include the option of bringing in your RV or setting up your tent the Sunday before Camp Meeting (after 10:00 a.m.) Any RVs and tents that are brought in before 10:00 a.m. on the Sunday before Camp Meeting will be charged an early arrival fee. RVs and tents that come in before the Sunday before Camp Meeting will be charge the regular nightly fee for each night they are early.

Those coming in after Camp Meeting begins (for example: not coming in until Friday) should still pay the full price since we are not able to rent out the site to someone else earlier in the week. You will have to reserve a site after Camp Meeting has started if you wish to only pay for the nights you will be at Camp Meeting. Make your reservation online or by calling 503-850-3350.

Weekly Rates (min 5 days, max 7 days.)

Tent Sites $60      
RV Sites    

No Hook-ups $80  
Electricity (20 amps) $110     
Electricity (20 amps)/water     $120   Full Hook-ups (20 amps) $130
Electricity (30 amps)/water   $130 Full Hook-ups (30 amps) $160
Electricity (50 amps)/water $140 Full Hook-ups (50 amps) $170


Camp Site Nightly Prices
For the three days of Hispanic Camp Meeting: RV sections B and M and tent section I are available for reservations. The price per day is below.

For Motorcycle Camp Meeting and other Gladstone Park events with the option of camping: RV section B is available for reservations. The price per day is below.

Tent Sites $12      
RV Sites    
No Hook-ups $16  
Electricity (20 amps) $22     
Electricity (20 amps)/water      $24   Full Hook-ups (20 amps) $26
Electricity (30 amps)/water   $26 Full Hook-ups (30 amps) $32
Electricity (50 amps)/water $28 Full Hook-ups (50 amps)  $34


RV Site Hook-ups
We have a variety of hook-up options in our RV sites including no hook-ups, electricity and water, and full hook-ups (with electricity, water and sewer). We also have 20-amp, 30-amp and 50-amp electrical hook-ups. Not all hook-up options are available in all sections.

For information about the different types of electrical hook-ups go to this article: Basic RV Electricity.

For RVs hooking up to sewer: Oregon State RV Health policies state that all RV’s must be hooked into their sewer line with an approved attachment. Please help us by complying with this regulation. Sewer hook-up attachments will be available for sale at the Locations Office for $11.00.


You may cancel your reservation and receive a full refund up to 2 weeks before camp meeting or other events begin. Cancellations within two weeks of the reservation date will receive a 50% refund in cases of emergency only.

You CANNOT roll your money over from one year or event to another if you are unable to attend. You CAN cancel and receive any applicable refund or you can rent your site out to someone else for the current year and have them pay you the amount.

Camp Site Reservation Restrictions
We will not rent a camp site to a minor. Ages 17 and under may not camp overnight unless accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 25 who will remain on campus for the rental period.

Camp Fires and Outdoor Cooking
There are no fires allowed at the camp sites or anywhere else on the grounds during camp meeting and other Gladstone Park events. Cooking outside of an RV or building may be done during camp meetings in designated cooking areas on propane/white gas stoves or grills. If using a propane stove, the propane container must be kept upright at all times.

Use of Lanterns
Kerosene or “flammable” lanterns are NOT permitted in tenting areas. Please only use battery powered lanterns or flashlights.

Animals and Pets at Camp Meeting
No animals are allowed at camp meetings with the exception of assistance animals. Comfort, therapy, and emotional support animals do not meet the definition of an assistance animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All assistance animals are to be registered with Locations during Hispanic and Gladstone camp meetings and receive a tag that must be displayed whenever the assistance animal is on the grounds. If you have an assistance animal you MUST clean up after them.

RV Rentals
you would like to rent an RV for the week of camp meeting or any of our other events where camping is an option, the companies listed below have worked with us before and know the campground and our requirements.

Rent RV

RV Northwest

RV Share