Gladstone Park Conference Center

Meet the Gladstone Campus Staff

Kevin Smith
Facilities Manager, Oregon Conference

History has a way...
Kevin has so much history around this camp it's only fitting that he works here. He delivered ice to the camp meeting attendees when he was 9, learned to drive on the grounds, attended Rivergate School and attended Camp Meeting for more years than his age. The camp ground has had a major impact on his life.

Kevin was married on the grounds here in 2004 to Monica. They were blessed with their first son in March 2007 and then later in 2010, their second son arrived. Monica gets to be a stay at home mom. Kevin continues to enjoy basketball as well as a multitude of outdoor activities.

Kevin is a hard worker and come Camp Meeting time you will see him working non-stop, wearing his trademark grin and I-can-do attitude, tearing around the grounds on his green gator.

Matt Ballard
Grounds Manager, GPCC                

Oregon...why Oregon?
In December 2005, Matt came to us from Michigan where he was in charge of Property Maintenance which included 30 or more conference owned houses. Matt is has been in the construction trade since 1976 and has been a great asset to the team and ministry here at Gladstone.

Matt has been married to Trish since 1996. Trish works as an Administrative Assistant in the Ministerial Department of the Oregon Conference Office. Matt also has a daughter who has moved to Oregon. Matt and Trish moved to Oregon to be closer to Trish's parents, but left behind many friends and family.

Matt is into outdoor sports such as kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking and climbing. Every time they get a chance, Matt and Trish are taking off for the hills or lakes to enjoy the world around them. They are enjoying the chance to discover the treasures of Oregon.