Gladstone Park Conference Center

Camp Site Reservations and Registration

We are now accepting new reservations for Hispanic Camp Meeting 2019 taking place July 11-13, 2019 and General Camp Meeting 2019 taking place July 16-20, 2019*.
There are three ways to reserve your camp site for 2019:

1.  OnlineONLINE RESERVATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. If you would like to make your reservation online, please click on the link above or on the link at the bottom of the page. You will need a credit card to complete the reservation.

2.  Over the phone. For over the phone reservations you may pay with cash, a check or a credit card. Call our reservations number at 503-850-3350 to make your reservation.

3.  In person. If you are in the area and would like to stop by you can come to the main Conference Office building to reserve and pay for your site. However, because reservations staff are not available at all times, we recommend that you call ahead to see if someone will be here before you make a special trip.


2019 RV and Tent Site Costs for the Week of General Camp Meeting

You will be charged the entire amount for the 5 nights of Camp Meeting even if you come in later than Tuesday that week. This is because we cannot rent the site out to anyone else once you have reserved it. If you do not pay the entire price now you risk having your reservation cancelled. If you are allowed to keep your partial reservation you will be required to pay the remainder before you check in. You will have to reserve a site after Camp Meeting has started if you wish to only pay for the nights you will be at Camp Meeting.


Tent Sites       
 Regular - No Hook-ups $60    Electricity - Medical ONLY**  
 Disabled - No Hook-ups** $60    
RV Sites        
No Hook-ups $80  
Electricity (20 amps) $110      
Electricity (20 amps)/water     $120           Full Hook-ups (20 amps) 


Electricity (30 amps)/water $130   Full Hook-ups (30 amps) 


Electricity (50 amps)/water  $140 Full Hook-ups (50 amps)



** NOTE: We have a limited number of sites for our disabled tent campers with easy access to the main bathroom/shower building. We also have a limited number of sites for our tent campers needing electrical hook-ups to run vital medical devices. These sites cannot be reserved online. Please call the number above to reserve one of these sites.

See nightly rates for Hispanic Camp Meeting.

*NOTE: Check-out time is at 11:00 am on the last day of your reservation so for General Camp Meeting (July 16 to 20) please enter your reservation dates from July 16 to 21 since those who reserve through July 20 are indicating they plan to check out at 11:00 am on Sabbath. You can also enter your reservation dates as July 14 to 21 (so you have the option of setting up your site on Sunday or Monday before Camp Meeting) at no extra cost.

If you have any questions or need assistance please call 503-850-3350.
Click here to see a Campus Map
      Click here to view/download a PDF file of our basic Campsite Maps


Campsite size, location, and hook-up information on this website is not guaranteed. If a campsite is not as described we will do one of the following: refund the difference in price, OR move you to a site that is the correct size and/or hook-ups, OR cancel your reservation and give you the standard 50% refund. We will continue working to update our campsite information and make changes as needed. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Reservations Are Now Open 
Click here to make your online reservation.
- You may also call 503-850-3350 to make a reservation for 2019 Camp Meeting.

Trying to reserve online but stuck on step 2? Your internet browser is probably blocking the pop-up window that displays the available sites. There should be a little bar at the top of the window that you can click on to allow pop-ups for this site.

Hispanic Camp Meeting 2019: July 11-13, 2019 
General Camp Meeting 2019: July 16-20, 2019

(Note: During the week of General Camp Meeting you must reserve at least 5 days to make a reservation.)

Make your online reservation now